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Project Coordinator

José Rui Figueira

Associate Professor with Habillitation Diploma at Universidade de Lisboa and researcher at CEG-IST, Center for Management Studies of Instituto Superior Técnico. Professor Figueira taught and did research also at University of Evora, University of Coimbra, Nancy’s School of Mines (he got a Full Professor position). He is a former member of LAMSADE (University Paris-Dauphine), INESC-Coimbra and DIMACS (Rutgers and Princeton Universities) research centers. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1996 in the field of Operations Research from University of Paris-Dauphine and his HDR at the same University in 2009 in the field of Multiple Criteria in Operations Research and Decision Aiding. Professor Figueira’s current research interests are in decision analysis, integer programming, network flows, and multiple criteria decision aiding. His research has been published in such journals as Operations Research, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers & Operations Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Algorithms, European Business Review, Annals of Operations Research, Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 4OR: A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, OMEGA-The International Journal of Management Science, Journal of Global Optimization, International Journal in Operational Research, International Journal of Medical Informatics, Applied Soft Computing, Computers and  Mathematics with Applications, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, Evolutionary Computing Journal, Journal of Scheduling, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, Group Decision and Negotiation, Computational Optimization and Applications, Discrete Optimization, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Environmental Modeling and Assessment, Energy Conversion and Management, and Optimization Letters. He is the co-editor of the books, “Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys, Springer Science + Business Media, Inc, 2016 (2nd edition) and “Trends in Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis, Springer Science + Business Media, Inc, 2010. He currently serves as a coordinator of the European Working Group on Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding and Member of the Executive Committee of the International Society on MCDM. He is Associate Editor of JMCDA, and member of the board of EJOR and belong to the advisory board of other scientific international journals. He was awardee in 2017 with the Gold Medal of the International Society on MCDM and elected in 2019 as the Elected President of this society.


Senior Researchers

Rui Cunha Marques

Graduated, Post-graduated, MSc, PhD and Postdoc (habilitation), is a Full Professor of the Scientific Area of Systems and Management of Infrastructure in the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geo-resources at the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon (IST), Portugal. He is a researcher of the Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability of IST (CERIS / CESUR), of the Public Utility Research Center (PURC) at the University of Florida and of the Center of Local Government (CLG) at the University of New England in Australia, where he is a Visiting Professor at the Business School. His areas of expertise include regulation of public services, performance assessment, project management, procurement, particularly public-private partnerships and infrastructure services. He is the author of over 400 scientific publications in several countries, including 13 books and two theses and more than 190 referred journal articles.He also produced more than 300 technical reports. Currently he is a consultant of the World Bank and in the past he collaborated with other international organisations, such as the European Investment Bank, the European Union, the United Nations and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, as well as with other government entities and public and private companies from several countries. He has developed work in more than 20 countries in the five continents.


José Borbinha

Personal webpage

José Borbinha has a background in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science. He is Associate Professor (with Habilitation) at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of IST (Lisbon University, Portugal). He is also researcher at the Information and Decision Support Systems Lab at the INESC-ID. His main interests are in the areas of information management and information systems in general. In special, he is interested in addressing problems of requirements, analysis and design involving scenarios of interoperability and information lifecycle management (including challenges related with digital libraries, archives, records management and digital preservation).


Maria Isabel Pedro

Maria Isabel Craveiro Pedro is Assistant Professor with Habilitation at IST-Universidade de Lisboa. She is also Member of CEGIST (Centre for Management Studies of Instituto Superior Técnico). She graduated in Management by ISCTE-IUL. She obtained his PhD in Industrial Management by IST-UL. Her research interests include Management, Accounts, operational research and Tourism. She published more than 60 articles in Scientific Journals and Conference Proceedings. About the articles 7 of them published in Journals with high impact factor that allows this journals be classified in the first quartile of Web of Science and Simago databases. She organized international congresses and is examiner of Master and PhD Theses and President of Board of some of them. She is Supervisor of Master Theses (Finance, Management, Economics) of students from Portugal.


Diogo Cunha Ferreira

Diogo Cunha Ferreira, Ph.D. is a Professor of Systems and Management in the Civil Engineering Department of Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. He completed his master degree (2013) in Biomedical Engineering and his Ph.D. (2018) in Engineering and Management both at Instituto Superior Técnico. He also holds a Post-graduation (2019) in Health Administration and Management, Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, University of Lisbon. He teaches operational research, performance assessment, project management, stock management, decision theory, and statistical modeling. His research interests include Benchmarking and Performance evaluation of Health Services, Local Government, Public Services, and Infrastructures using Data Envelopment Analysis and Free Disposal Hull, Congestion analysis, Partial and full frontiers, Convex and nonconvex frontiers, Conditional and nonconditional frontiers, Productivity evaluation (clusters and time evolution), Malmquist, Luenberger, and Hicks-Moorsteen indices and Geometric Distance Functions, Scale and Scope economies, Returns to Scale, Nonparametric Nadaraya-Watson regression models and confidence intervals, Bootstrapping and subsampling in Data Envelopment Analysis and Free Disposal Hull, Russell measures, additive and hybrid models, Network DEA models, ELECTRE methods, MAUT, and Satisfaction analysis. Since 2015, he has published more than 30 studies in ISI peer-reviewed journals of operational research, management science, health economics, health policy, sustainability, environment, and local government. Currently, he supervises or co-supervises about 20 master theses and two Ph.D. dissertations.



Diogo Proença

Diogo Proença is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Management Studies of IST (CEG-IST) and at the IDSS – Information and Decision Support Systems Laboratory of the INESC-ID, where he has been involved in projects of data management, digital libraries and archives, information retrieval, digital preservation and enterprise architecture. He has participated in several research projects such as, at the national level, GoLocal and hSNS, and at the international level, SHAMAN, TIMBUS, SCAPE, 4C, E-ARK, E-ARK4ALL, E-ARK3, BenchmarkDP.


Ana Sara Costa

Ana Sara Costa is an Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering and Management of Instituto Superior Técnico of Universidade de Lisboa (IST-ULisboa) and a researcher at the Center for Management Studies of IST (CEG-IST). She obtained her Ph.D. in Engineering and Management at IST-ULisboa. She has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from NOVA School of Science and Technology and a Post-Graduation in Project Management from Lisbon School of Economics & Management. Her current research interests are in the areas of Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, Decision Support Systems and Management.


Duarte Caldeira Dinis

Duarte Caldeira Dinis is Research Fellow at the Center for Management Studies of Instituto Superior Técnico (CEG-IST), University of Lisbon. He holds a PhD in Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing, having developed work in the application of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence methods in aviation. With a background in mechanical engineering, he has worked in Project Management in the naval sector and in Production Planning in the aviation sector. His research interests include uncertainty modeling, risk, and multicriteria decision analysis.


PhD Students

Miguel A. Pereira

Miguel Alves Pereira is a PhD candidate at the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon (IST-UL). He earned his integrated master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the IST-UL in 2018. He is also a research fellow at the same institution. His main interests concern performance management and its applications to the healthcare sector.

MSc Students

Ricardo Jorge Tomás Oliveira A multiple criteria sorting method in a web-based platform – Portuguese public hospital performance assessment
           António Maria de Macieira Condeixa da Conceição Rocha Utilização de ferramentas multicritério para construção de indicadores compósitos para avaliar a qualidade e o acesso dos hospitais públicos portugueses
Sara Albuquerque Caldeira de Melo Ferreira Utilização de ferramentas multicritério para avaliação da satisfação dos utentes nos cuidados secundários: O caso do serviço de internamento
Rita Reis Matos Análise económico-financeira dos hospitais EPE portugueses
Gonçalo Mateus da Silva Santos Utilização de ferramentas de benchmarking para comparar hospitais públicos em Portugal: o caso dos hospitais EPE e das parcerias público-privadas
Sofia Cristina Bernardo Grilo Avaliação de desempenho de unidades privadas de saúde
Inês de Carvalho Vieira A satisfação e a lealdade dos consumidores de cuidados de saúde: Análise e comparação de diferentes alternativas para o mesmo fim
Margarida Isabel de Almeida Pinho Modelação multicritério para apoio à gestão de manutenção de equipamentos médicos: O caso dos equipamentos médicos do Hospital da Luz Lisboa
João de Oliveira Lopes e Bento Franco Uma metodologia de análise de robustez para indicadores compósitos com vista a avaliação da qualidade e acesso aos hospitais públicos portugueses
Raquel Sofia Cachucho Afonso Trade-offs entre eficiência, qualidade, e acesso aos cuidados de saúde
Margarida Matos Lopes Construção de indicadores compósitos com vista à avaliação dos hospitais portugueses, tendo em conta critérios sociais e económico-financeiros.
Nuno Heitor Public-private partnerships in healthcare: A critical analysis to the Project and contract management.
Amanda Rodrigues dos Anjos As parcerias público-privadas no Serviço Nacional de Saúde em Portugal: Pode a nova vaga de parcerias criar valor para a sociedade?
Ana Catarina Gentil Gomes Cuidados de saúde e a criação de valor para a sociedade: Uma análise crítica quanto ao Serviço Nacional de Saúde português
Mónica Costa Mesquita da Conceição Decspace: A Multi-Criteria Decision Framework
André Yubo Xiang
Implementing a MCDA Method for a web-based platform
Sergi Fortuny González On establishing the additive value functions compatible with the public Portuguese hospitals’ quality, efficiency, and access related criteria
Alexandre Miguel Vilar Ricardo Apoio multicritério na avaliação da qualidade e acesso aos cuidados de saúde dos hospitais públicos portugueses
Pedro Maria de Castelo Branco Desenvolvimento de modelo de maturidade para avaliar a qualidade e o acesso dos hospitais públicos portugueses
Ana Rita Duarte Mendes Desenvolvimento de modelo de maturidade para avaliar a preparação dos serviços hospitalares para situações de desastre e emergência
Filipa Taveira D’Água Planning HR working in healthcare services during pandemic Outbreaks
Ana Catarina Castelo de Carvalho Assessing the economic impact of pandemic outbreaks
Sofia Antunes de Moraes Sarmento Avaliação da sustentabilidade dos hospitais públicos portugueses: Uma abordagem de apoio multicritério à decisão
Thyrone Martins Revisão bibliográfica sobre eficiência na saúde
Joana Isabel Guerra Boavida Ferreira Modelação numérica na previsão de processos de produção irregulares
Alina Sterbet Abordagem multicritério para a categorização dos hospitais públicos portugueses face à satisfação dos utentes
Cristina Pinto Optimization of annual payments due to public hospitals in Portugal accounting for their performance and operational environment
Luís Guilherme Pinto Afonso A network-DEA model to evaluate the impact of quality and access on performance of hospitals


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