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DecSpace is a web application that makes use of MCDA methods to support the user (or decision maker) during the decision process by giving a possible solution to the given problem.

It aims to facilitate the use and creation of those methods, regardless of the user's background or experience with MCDA.

The 88th EWG-MCDA meeting

'MCDA user-friendly software tools for performance assessment of Smart Cities' - 27 to 29 September 2018 - Lisbon, Portugal

The meeting will cover research issues in the area of multiple criteria decision aiding, involving new theoretical research and applications.

Benchmarking Hospitals

Website that provides monthly benchmarks of Portuguese Public Hospitals.

The objective is to support Hospitals and the ARS in developing their strategic plan.

SNS Transparency

Website that provides data on the performance of the SNS.

The Transparency Area allows monitoring four indicators: access; health of the Portuguese people; efficiency and quality.