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hSNS presentation at the North American Productivity Workshop XI


Incorporating preference information in a range directional composite indicator: The case of Portuguese public hospitals.

Authors: Miguel Pereira; Ana Camanho; José Figueira; Rui Cunha Marques. Presented by Miguel Pereira.

Abstract: Understanding the complexity of an age when systems deal with increasing amounts of data is vital to the survival of public and private entities. Composite indicators (CIs) arise as aggregators of key performance indicators via a single measure, reflecting those quantitative and/or qualitative dimensions. Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is one way to build such measures. Some DEA models are employed to compute CIs, but only a handful of them can handle desirable and undesirable outputs and the preference information of decision-making actors at the same time. Building on the envelopment formulation of the ‘benefit of the doubt’ approach with weight restrictions, we propose using a range directional distance function to yield a single CI that assesses the performance of the Portuguese public hospitals according to two key points of view (the users’ and the providers’) across distinct perspectives that test its robustness. Ultimately, possible policy implications were withdrawn from this cooperative application with the Portuguese Ministry of Health.

About the venue: NAPW has long been established as a major biennial conference on the topics of productivity, efficiency and performance analysis. Following the successful NAPW X, we expect a large and diverse body of participants to attend NAPW XI in Miami. This year’s theme is especially important to the Miami Herbert Business School, Sustainable Productivity. Sustainable productivity encapsulates enduring growth and process improvements, a healthy workforce, and surrounding operational environment, a regular flow of new ideas and innovations, and an unwavering optimism about the direction of the firm. The school recently launched the only STEM certified Masters in Sustainable Business and the Miami Herbert Business School is the only academic building in the state of Florida to have achieved LEED Gold certification. Submission for presentation on all areas related to the measurement, assessment, and character of sustainable productivity are invited. Submissions on the theory and application of economics, econometrics, statistics, management science and operational research related to problems in the areas of productivity and efficiency measurement more broadly are highly encouraged. Our aim is to have a conference program that features all popular techniques and methodologies within the field, including stochastic frontier analysis and data envelopment analysis. We also welcome papers on broader issues related to measuring, understanding, incentivizing and improving the productivity and performance of firms, public services, and industries.

Website: https://www.bus.miami.edu/thought-leadership/business-conferences/napw/index.html

Program: https://www.bus.miami.edu/_assets/pdfs/thought-leadership/napw/napwxi_program.pdf